5 Podcasts about Motivation

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I get bummed.

That’s when I know it’s time to check in with another source of inspiration. Namely motivational pod-casts. The really cool thing about the web is the speed in which we can get a little extra help when its needed.

We can all learn from other peoples knowledge…and that includes super awesome pod-casts from really great people. I have times where I feel less than motivated, steer off the course and wonder how the “H.E.Double Hockey Sticks” I’ve ended up in the land of “what am I doing with my life”. I do however find it reassuring to know that I am not alone….and neither are you.

For me, getting up in the morning makes me excited almost everyday.

That’s because I choose to do what I LOVE: To continually learn about food nutrition (we never stop learning) and then share my knowledge with others through physical fitness and providing healthy food made with thoughtfulness and love. Yay!!! I am smiling just typing this.

Sometimes however, I don’t have it in me to take over the world (please keep in mind that I AM a take over the world kinda person…just ask my friends…they’ll tell you). It’s times like this, when I get stuck in a rut that I choose to reach out and listen to some of the most inspiring peeps around. These people range from fitness and nutritional motivation to spiritually focused teachings. All are relevant to getting our bums off the couch and helping us remember that we are all awesome people. Each of us deserves the best whether it’s with reaching our goal, losing weight, cutting the garbage out of our family’s diet or whatever we choose to achieve.

Here they are in absolutely no order whatsoever:

1.) Scott Smith – Daily Boost

This man has many years of motivational talk behind him. He’s on iTunes and has been the the top ranked self help program since 2004. His program The Daily Boost is free and ready to listen to:


2.) Tim Ferris – The Tim Ferriss Show

I really cannot say enough about this man. Even though I have not met him, he is solely responsible for helping me turn on my entrepreneurial light bulb again. He may be slightly unconventional…but I am a sucker for that! This podcast features Pavel Tsatsouline – physical-training instructor for the elite Soviet special-forces units. This is serious business and seriously motivational.


3.) Skip La Cour – Six time National Drug Free Body Building Champion

Listen to this podcast, take it to the gym and….Change.Your.Body. The passion, intensity and love for fitness is undeniable.

4.) Eckart Tolle – Spiritual Teacher and Author

This man is legendary for bringing the focus to “the now”. A lot of us get caught up in the details and this is where most of our suffering/getting stuck/worry comes from – taking the focus from past and future and bringing it to the present will help us greatly with reaching our goals through thoughtfulness and presence.


5.) Wayne Dyer: Author/Motivational Speaker – Tom Barnardo Pod cast

I’m sure I have every Wayne Dyer book. Ever. Whether I am unclear of my life’s direction or stuck on my fitness goals, this is my absolute go to. I have chosen this podcast, but you really cannot go wrong with anything Wayne Dyer has shared. I had the privilege to meet him in Toronto a few years ago while I volunteered at an “I Can Do It” conference. This man is a living legend in forward motivational thinking. Love him.


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Do you have any awesome pod-casts we should hear? Share the love!

Here’s to many motivating days….

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