Why You Shouldn’t Eat Goal Priorities in Bed

You might be wondering how you would go about eating your goal priorities in bed. (I might have been a little over zealous with that, but it works so I’m sticking with it). This idea relates to each and everyone of us that chooses to take our goals/ pondering/ worries and expectations with us wherever we go. A bit nomadic if you will – these thoughts have no dedicated place in our mind or our day, so they come along with us wherever we go. This is what happens when we have yet to arrive at goal prioritization.

Now, let’s take a step back for a minute. Do you think about brushing your teeth as you drift off for the night? Or think about your shower or washing the dishes? These tasks all have places in our life and are situated in our thoughts as such. They arise when the task requires completion and then they are put to rest.

So what’s the big deal with our “bigger picture” goals?? Shouldn’t they just be the same as brushing our teeth? All the steps are the same:



3.) Result

The kicker here is that we need to allocate time for our “bigger picture” goals. Just like eating dinner, brushing our teeth and doing the laundry, it is necessary to make a conscious decision to create space for goal priorities. This comes from creating a ritual everyday. When this step is omitted, we have random wants and thoughts, but no clear direction or plan of action and this is when we end up eating our goal priorities, chewing and chewing without any satisfaction.

The thing is, we can do better than that. We can realize any goal we choose to act on.

When we create rituals that encompass our goal priorities, we have dedicated a space to work on realizing our individual goals. This could be anything – like learning how to cook soups from scratch for our family, or making it to the gym three times a week, or designing the stepping stones to your dream career.

In creation of these plans, it is your responsibility to omit the thought that there is not enough time to do the things you want to do…..just like the ritual of brushing your teeth, create the ritual of realizing your goal(s).

Check out Tony Robbin’s clip “Raise your Standards and Change your Rituals”.

This short video summarizes how you can elevate your life situation by adjusting the standards in which you live your life by creating timely rituals.

Plain and simple: What We Do Becomes Who We Are. And You Rock.

We will become anything we tell ourselves we are. What are your thoughts? Do you have goals that are on the back burner that you are ready to act on? I’m sure most of us do. I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Happy Thursday and happy ritual setting!

Yours in health and happiness!


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