Six Things Your Personal Trainer Expects You to Know about Nutrition


So you want to get fit? Feel overwhelmed? I’ll let you in on six things that you should know (nutritionally speaking) before you pick up your weights or do your first half mile dash. Above pic is from my second Crossfit competition…believe me, I needed my nutrition!!

I’m in the food business for a number of reasons. Pretty much the biggest one (in the beginning) was my love of cooking for friends and family in my late teens/early twenties. I decided that I should just go ahead and make a living from it. The problem that arose from this were the pounds I started to accumulate from taste testing my creations at all hours of the evening.


I get booty, but honestly….it just didn’t suit me, or my health for that matter.

I needed to make a change. And I did.

Enter second phase of food love: Food and Nutrition.

Yes they can go hand in hand, and your trainer knows that! The following are six nutritional kick-starters to get you up and on your feet – so you can shine when you train!!

1.) Be honest with where you are. When you are asked how often you exercise or what your eating habits are like, the only person that pays the price good or bad is you. Be honest with yourself (first) and your trainer. This way you are both set up for success!

2.) I don’t care what you tell me. Increase your water intake. Generally speaking men should consume approximately 13cups (3 litres) and women should drink 9 cups (2.2 litres).  Below is a link to the Mayo Clinic recommendations:

Note: I know some of you are itching to flavour your water with your favourite sugar substitute. Don’t Do It! This leads to more sugar cravings and will ultimately backfire on your health goals! Not to mention the chemicals seeping into your system to later wreak havoc on your body….

3.) Starving yourself does not equal healthy. Eating to fuel your body is the way to set a great foundation to perform well during your training sessions. There are many informative websites and nutritionists that provide information on how to take your eating to the next level.

4.) Eat Whole Foods. If you shop on the outsides of the grocery stores, chances are you are doing a great job at purchasing and preparing whole foods. “Whole foods” are items that have not been processed, broken down or packaged. Most of the “inside isles” in the grocery store are filled with processed foods that are high in sodium, sugar and preservatives. Yes they might be a time saver, but those food choices aren’t helping you fit into your summer clothes. Ditch the middle isles, pick up a cookbook (or blog post) and create the healthy whole food that will reward you for life.

5.) Buy a high quality multi-vitamin and use them. We are a society that is on the go with never enough time (or so we tell ourselves). A good multi-vitamin is insurance that you are getting essential vitamins and minerals that are not always available with our daily eating.

6.) There is no ideal diet! What works for you may not work for another. We are all individuals and for that reason, certain foods work better for some than for others. Start with one methodology. Stick with it and then make modifications as necessary. The key here is to FOLLOW THROUGH. You have no way of knowing if a program or eating style is working or not if you haven’t followed it. It’s that simple.

Wow. Ok that was a lot of information to absorb even before a trainer is involved! But the good news is that all you have to do is start! Try things out, make mistakes, just stick with it!

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