Building Your Temple

When you pause to think of your week, what is the first feeling that comes to mind?

Here’s a list of answers I’ve heard:





Holy that’s a list! My response is : Why????

The truth is that most of us “multi-complexi” task. Yup that’s right. It’s not enough that we have different daily events happening, they are often over-lapped in terms of

timing and what’s worse is that we actually think that we are supposed to live this way.

Example: Work 9-5, make food, children’s after school activities (sometimes more than one at a time), conference calls for work, some sort of exercise for your well-being, organizing for the week, extra learning…the list goes on….

To top it all off, we very rarely stay in the moment of all that we are trying to accomplish – we are busy planning the next few days of over-booked agendas.

Wow! No wonder our society suffers greatly from Cardiovascular disease ( brought on by stress and poor diet). That’s a double hit to our immune system when we aren’t able to create space in our day to connect with ourselves and take care of what’s important.


Remember: When you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to support the people you care most about.

Here are some tips to help you chill and regroup:

1.) Set reasonable boundaries in advance and stick to them. This will avoid piling too much on your plate. If you have pre-determined what is doable and what isn’t, you will be able to say “No” a lot easier without guilt.

2.) Use your daytimer! This may sound silly but many of us have the technology and fail to use it (yes I am guilty)!

3.) When you notice that you are feeling any of the above stressful feelings (panicked, overloaded), take an adult time out to regroup. Many of us neglect ourselves, feeling like we cannot take time for us. But it’s necessary so that we can in turn support and help others we care about- count to 10, breathe deep, take your mind to the present moment- these are a few ways to come back to a grounded state.

4.) Communicate. You’d be amazed at how many families go and go with little to no communication…and them BAM! Huge explosion of frustrations and feelings flying. This is the exact OPPOSITE of building your temple. Take the time to talk to you “family team”. Talking out your feelings works wonders for stress levels and builds an even stronger foundation for everyone.

5.) Eat Regularly! You didn’t think you’d get away without me saying that did you?? It’s me after all! Eating at regular intervals throughout the day helps our body’s metabolism and keeps our blood sugar in check. This helps with important decision making – have you ever experienced decision making while you are starving?? It’s never a good outcome (and yes, I am guilty of that too). Take the time and make the time. Creating space to nourish your body is essential. I cannot say it enough. Think you don’t have the time? Refer to our first point and re-evaluate your boundaries. Even if your food is made for you do to your schedule, have it be wholesome and nutritious. We definitely are what we eat.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to getting through the week with great success. Share them here in the comments!

With much love,


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