Doing Healing Supplements The Right Way

I wrote the following a while ago while I was training – I think it was the endorphins kicking in:

There is no “Theeee Best”. Each of us is gifted with the ability to peak at different times and that in turn helps others to rise to their next peak. When this chain continues, we continue to evolve within our families and community”.

I wasn’t sure where I was going to take this little piece of writing until now.

Each one of us has ups and downs whether it be in our daily lives or our journey in health. Just when you think you’ve got your nutrition down, your training is spot on, everything is coming up roses….life can throw a curve ball. That’s exactly what happened to me just a short while ago. An accident during a training session left me suddenly and (hopefully) temporarily unable to continue the pace I am used to.

I will without hesitation admit to having a solid cry or two…or three…OK whose counting? And then I realized that during this time I could share some great information for healing injuries through good quality nutrition and supplementation. YES! All was not lost!!!

Side note: It’s totally OK to cry your eyes out from disappointment at something unexpectedly derailing you from your goal. But after you’ve wiped your last tear, it is absolutely necessary to get back on that horse baby (I remind myself of this daily).

Here are some essentials for pulls and strains of muscles/tendons/ligaments and joints that you can obtain by eating good quality ingredients and taking quality supplements when necessary:

Curcumin: This is a strong anti inflammatory compound (reduces swelling of injured area) and antioxidant (prevent damage at the cellular level). It is present in the spice Turmeric and is also available in an extract form. The consumption of black peppercorn along with this aids in absorption into the bloodstream.

Vitamin C: This is responsible for synthesis of collagen and other compounds of tendons. It assists amino acids in forming collagen in our ligaments, tendons etc. You can get this by eating peppers, dark leafy greens and berries.

Vitamin E: This is a strong anti-oxidant and beneficial for reduced pain from muscle strain. Get this by eating spinach, nuts, avocados and shellfish.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin: Molecules that make up our cartilage. They are needed for cartilage regeneration and can be used to slow osteoarthritis related deterioration and pain.This can happen with repeated impact on joints from exercise and age. i.e. knees. Can be taken in pill or powdered form.

Flaxseed: Contains Omega 3 fatty acids and may aid in reducing inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration.

Cinnamon: May reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels and fight bacteria.

Ginger: Anti inflammatory compounds called gingerols help to relieve joint pain and prevent free radical damage.

It’s essential to remember to see a someone qualified in their field if you experience a strain or muscle pull to ensure that your are properly diagnosed. In addition, using these above healing foods can assist in providing the essentials in nutrition for a decent recovery time so that you can get back to what you love to do! Remember that no matter how severe your setback is, how you recover is in your hands. A positive attitude is worth it’s weight in supplements!!

Yours in Health and Happiness,


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